Hair Mineral Analysis and Weight Loss

Hair Mineral Analysis and Weight Loss

Despite being a great believer in Hair Mineral Analysis and recommending it to all my clients, I hadn’t really thought too much about how helpful hair analysis could be in weight loss.

People often find that their diet is not working and complain:

  • I just do not lose weight despite following a healthy eating plan
  • I think my hormones or my glands are at fault
  • Why am I not losing weight?

I have heard this from many dieters who  are unable to lose weight, even when they are exercising and following a healthy diet. Too many times other may disbelieve them.  But I have heard these worries so often that there must be something behind them.

So I was delighted to find an article about Hair Mineral Analysis and weight loss, explaining that there’s some solid science behind the these problems.

Although Hair Mineral Analysis is a service I already provide world-wide I had never actually made the connection as why the service could be helpful to clients who cannot lose weight. As I read the article above lots of things became clear, and I happily recommend that if you really have tried following a healthy diet plan and not lost weight, you consider a hair analysis test to see if that provides some answers – and more importantly suggests a something helpful.

In a nutshell minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorous are all vital for the correct functioning of the thyroid gland (which plays an important part in regulating your metabolism). But it’s not the ACTUAL levels of these nutrient minerals in your body that matters; it’s their ratios to each other.

Many people take supplements of calcium tablets and think this is helpful but they do not realise that if there is an imbalance between bodily levels of calcium and magnesium, the calcium will not be adequately absorbed. In fact excess (i.e. unused) calcium is one of the most common patterns shown by hair mineral analysis reports. So not only could you be wasting your money buying calcium supplements, if you have too much calcium it may be associated with hypothyroidism – and problems losing weight.

The calcium / magnesium ratio is just one of the combinations that needs to be in balance.  You can the full article, although it does get fairly technical, checkout my Hair Analysis and Weight Loss post.

More simply, you might just like to click and find out what’s on a hair mineral analysis report and learn more about hair analysis. I have clients world-wide, so as long as you can post a hair sample to me in the UK, you can take this affordable DIY test at home.

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