So your interested in losing weight?

Relax you found your ultimate source of information… Theres many different approaches you can take on your journey. Today we will be discussing some delicious beverages and natural herbs that can have a powerful impact on your health and weight management. Allowing you to feel better faster while losing weight naturally. Effectively keeping it off.

Accomplishing your fitness goals doesn’t have to be hard…

So grab a pen and paper and let the countdown begin!


#1 OGX Fenix (vanilla and chocolate) Shakes

Product type:  Weight loss and meal replacement shake

Package contents: 30 shakes

Vanilla and chocolate weight loss shake bags

How it works…

This shake is really tasty! I am a personal fan and consume it everyday. It does not taste like a weight loss product. I find myself craving it when Im hungry and it feels like I ate a real meal. This shake offers something for everyone coming in vanilla or chocolate. The basic flavors allow for easy creation of any beverages you want to try. Leaving you with unlimited possibilities. Go ahead mix n mach…


A delicious blend of 23 Proteins and nutrients. 2 a day melts the pounds away and 1 a day for meal replacement and weight loss/management.

This is the best shake I have ever tried. It tastes like liquid birthday cake. All you need is 1 scoop with 6 to 8 ounces of milk and mix. Your taste buds will thank you…

Real Testimonials


#2 OGX Fenix (Energy Drink)


Information coming soon!



#3 OGX Fenix (Detox drink)

Information coming soon!





# 4 Organic Green Tea

If your a fan of organic products your not left out. This  Green tea is deliciously crisp and smooth. Naturally refreshing and 100% organic. This blend will have you feeling energized and vibrant ready to tackle the day. High energy has been reported drinking this tea.

It is also great during sore throat seasons. If you want to drink tea before bed you might wanna leave that to its brother the red tea below.


#5 Organic Red Tea

This Tea is the great,  infused with cordyceps an anti cancer growing fungus.

Red Tea Image

Unlike its brother the green tea that will keep you energized. Its great for relaxation and can be used at any time of the day. Coming in a box of 40 sachets





#6 Latte 

A favorite among many, latte comes already mixed with cream and sugar. With robust fresh coffee beans infused with 100% organic Ganoderma Lucidum. This makes the perfect cup of coffee for any occasion.


#7 Black

No sugars, No added preservatives. Its raw and natural. A slight bitter punch that will knock your socks off and put you in gear for your day. If you need to wake up reach for this one in the pantry.



#8 King Of Coffee (all hail the king!)

This coffee is an immunity powerhouse. Made with spore powder known for raising white blood cell count and working in sync with your bodies natural defense system.  Which is great for you and your immune system. That means less days calling out from work!

“Whenever I find myself feeling sick I reach for a cup of this. If taken in time it prevents me from getting sick all together. less trips to the hospital has really improved my quality of life” – Karrerah White


#9 Hot Chocolate


Hot cocoa packets

If Hot chocolate is your thing then this is your hot chocolate! Its s great for kids with ADHD or adults wanting to relax and unwind. Its common to fall asleep after drinking this so beware. Great for snuggling up on a cold winter night.  Made with mycelium. The baby mushroom.


#10 Supreme

This coffee packs a powerful punch. Infused with Ginseng. A natural growing spice that increases the metabolism that prevents collection of fat in the body while providing energy. According to www.nutriinspector.com.  This coffee with make you feel surprisingly good.

Natural Ginseng plant
Photo of Ginseng plant in its natural state




So there you have it! It has been my pleasure going over these products with you today.

You have been enlightened to a new beverage. A beverage that is helping people all around the world to live happier healthier lives.

Providing a healthy simple alternative for anyone who seeks it. . Losing weight is about more then just working out. With a nutritious diet you will be well on your journey to achieving all your weight loss goals and more!

Experience what the gift of Organo can do for you and taste the gold!! Product link below!!  As always feel free to leave your thoughts below with any comments or questions that you may have.

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Healthy Weight Loss – Is it possible?

There is many suggested tips for weight loss all across the web. Anywhere from non palited shakes to bird portion meal plans, some that make you question the outright health of the products.There has to be a better way…

Thankfully there is. Today we will be looking at some simple effective weight loss options for you to help you start living healthier and being the best version of yourself today.

 Ganoderma “The king of herbs” and Healthy Living

In America alone obesity is at an all time high. In reference to nbcnews.com a staggering 70.7% of Americans are either overweight or obese and unhealthy weight has become the norm.

Obesity is one of the biggest health problems in the world causing various complications killing millions of Americans each year. It wasn’t over several years ago that I was introduced to The king of herbs.  A  mushroom with over 2,000 years of research in ancient Japanese medicine.

A natural herb with so many healing properties back in ancient times it was only preserved for royalty. Translated as lingzhi or reishi mushroom meaning king of herbs the mushroom is praised for living a long healthy life.

A google search on the word reveals that Ganoderma Lucidum is the worlds number one nutrient. Not only with its health benefits but its powerful weight loss and anti cancer causing properties according to wiki.com.

There have been many ways that ganoderma has improved the quality of peoples lives all around the world. Ganoderma Infused products that people consume every day has changed peoples lives from a health standpoint and proving to be a game changer for fitness enthusiasts all around the world.

Ganoderma growing on wood in China

Weight Loss Never Tasted So Good

Introducing the worlds healthiest protein shake. OGX Fenix Chocolate and Vanilla shakes. The shakes are a delicious blend of 23 Proteins and nutrients.

2 a day melts the pounds away and 1 a day for meal replacement and weight loss/management. This is the best weight loss shake I have ever tried. It tastes like liquid birthday cake. All you need is 1 scoop with 6 to 8 ounces of water and mix. Your taste buds will thank you…

Weight Loss Shake Reviews

Wow… This is sounding good isnt it? Heres two more reviews..




So you have stuck with me this long… We really should become friends. We have covered alot of information. I hope I have been able to broaden your perspective on the worlds number one nutrient and how it can really impact your life and help you achieve your weight loss goals faster then you imagined.  Opportunity comes at us in different ways in life. It is my pleasure to have had the opportunity and time with you today. Product link below! I encourage you to leave your thoughts and comment below if you have any questions!


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